Branding, Graphic Design
CUBE is an independent structured product company responsible for the design, testing & distribution of structured products.
f9 worked with the founders & their web designers to establish the branding elements, logo & colour palette for use in all printed materials & on the website.
the square shaped morris typeface was used for the logo wordmark, set in a strong burgundy colour with a highlight element of the fuschia square set in a superscript position (cube cubed?) all designed to set CUBE apart from the swathes of blues you find, especially amongst financial institutions. the logo was also developed to carry a varying set of identifiers for CUBE investing, CUBE products & CUBE research depending on application.
the cube of cubes on the brochure cover was designed by d2 interactive for the website homepage & was incorporated into the printed material.

other bad stuff

brugsche rugby club
land rover livery graphics concept
clair de lune
old pencil sketches
shard capital artworking
tile pattern concepts
bad duck editable .psd mockups
wildlife conservation awareness project
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