chris' clothing consultancy

Branding, Graphic Design
chris’ clothing consultancy
chris’ clothing consultancy, a startup company in 2012, based in brugge supplying work wear to horeca businesses (hotel, restaurant & catering) as well as other institutions & industry throughout benelux.
their initial requirement was for a logo & business card, with a brand identity that can be carried through to other materials & media at a later date. first concepts revolved around 3 ‘C’s, though this was refined to a more simple & elegant single element.

our initial preference was for a charcoal grey, almost black background, but client requirements demanded a contrasting purple to the orange button & lettering.

other bad stuff

bad duck editable .psd mockups
minimalist flowers
rugby club eeklo
islamic eight fold rosette
luxhedge artworking
the cosy bistro
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